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Friday, November 4, 2011

Details, Details...

One of the things I enjoy most when I go to a big show like the International Quilt Market (and there are many), is studying the incredible quilts that are on display from all over the world. I take lots of photos and especially enjoy looking at the details - the techniques and "hidden" details that really make the design sing (or shout or cry or whisper) to the viewer.

I have posted a few details that "spoke" to me - simple background blocks or startling new ways to set a very traditional block into something totally new. I love color, texture, "surprises" - I learn so much everytime I view the work of others, especially masters such as those at Market. I could easily post hundreds of such photos but will stick with these few for now. More later.

What do you enjoy most about attending a quilt show featuring so much creative and artistic talent?

Everywhere you go, try to see everything around you with new eyes. (And bring your camera!)


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