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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Belated Update

Gosh - here it is the beginning of February and I have not posted anything about 'what happened next"!

I have had only sketchy information about where my quilts have been and where they are going next. However, I did hear that one of the employees of the quilt shop that displayed my quilts at the Road to California quilt show stated the show was a great success.

Best of all, next in line on my quilts' journey is a trip to Fons and Porter (!!) to be used with other quilts as backdrop in an episode of the 'Quilt It' show! This show will be aired LIVE, Tuesday, April 10, Episode #301, Season 3. I am pretty psyched about that! I will keep you posted as I learn more about the show.

Then on to another quilt shop somewhere for a trunk show, then off to spring Market in Cincinnati, Ohio in April (not yet confirmed).

I am feeling a bit frustrated to have so little control or information about what is happening to my quilts but I guess that is the way it works when you work with a large fabric company. However, it is exciting that my quilts are on this journey and will hopefully benefit both Ro Gregg and me by helping to promote sales of her fabrics and my patterns.

I am just "going with the flow" and enjoying the ride.

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